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Helpful Depression Recovery Resources

These include some of my favorite books and resources I used in healing my depression.

Books I Reference in From the Shadows:


  • (International Association for Suicide Prevention: Extensive listing of help hotlines and resources in various countries)

  •  (Lost All Hope: Despite its name, this site provides hope, resources, and facts)

  • (Black Dog Institute: Offers free self-assessments for depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety, short online learning modules, and a mood tracking component)

  • (Karpman Drama Triangle: Explanation of all the dysfunctional games we play with ourselves and each other synthesized into a single, straight-forward model)

  • (World Health Organization: information about mental illness prevalence and support resources)

  •  This site speaks of loss and grieving; depression includes loss and grieving, not physical loss but loss of imagined futures and hopes

Additional Reading:

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