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How I tamed the perfectionism beast

For years, being a perfectionist was my identity. It was a socially acceptable (and often praised) way to mask debilitating anxiety and chronic depression.


I was the high-achiever, the go-getter, the one who was always putting in 110%, and the girl who looked on the outside like she had her act together. But on the inside, I was always one misstep away from completely falling apart.


The journey to loving my full self was long, difficult, and often painful. But it was also incredibly eye-opening, life-changing, and freeing. I learned how to be okay with making mistakes, how to accept myself for who I am—flaws and all—and how to find joy in the everyday moments of life.


It wasn't easy. But today I'm able to say with total honesty that I love my full, imperfect self—exactly as I am.

So—how did I do it?


Truthfully, it was a combination of multiple methods paired with the willingness to go deep and discover what's been hiding underneath my so-called perfect surface. After years of experimenting, I've finally found what works:


  • Healing my inner child and inviting more play into my life

  • Journaling and writing books about my journey

  • Deconstructing what drove my perfectionist identity

  • And so much more


I went to some deep places and made stunning discoveries. In my books, I share the steps I took to heal from depression I hadn't acknowledged for decades and how I created lasting joy. In my programs, I guide others to tweak and implement  these steps for themselves to create a life that feels good—on their own terms.


If you're struggling with perfectionism, know that you're not alone. I see you, and I'm here to help.


Click here to schedule a free discovery call. We can narrow down which  of my programs would be the best fit for you.

I can't wait to help you on your journey to tame your  perfectionism beast and create a life you love.

Elizabeth is a coach and award-winning, bestselling author who helps people struggling with perfectionism to create lasting joy and freedom in their lives. In her debut book, she shares the inspirational story of how she  healed her suicidal depression and finally uncovered a gift of lasting self-love.


Having transitioned from decades of leadership roles orchestrating organizational changes and shepherding personal development, Elizabeth serves as a valued advisor in her flourishing consulting and coaching businesses. Her insights and expertise blaze the brightest when guiding individual and corporate clients along the path of their transformational journeys.


A transplant from sunny Arizona, Elizabeth basks in the shimmering sub-Saharan sun, thriving in tropical West Africa with her husband. Learn more about her work and her story by reading or listening to her latest interviews:


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