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Loving the Child Within trilogy

From the Shadows

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal

Gain profound insights about hope and healing from despair to lasting self-love

Elizabeth invites you to witness her beautiful transformation from suicidal despair to habitual happiness and contemplate your own experiences.  Each step is sprinkled with soul-stirring original poetry and journal excerpts.

For decades, she hid her chronic depression from everyone, including herself, until hitting a crisis point. She seemed successful and happy to all, except her closest confidantes; they knew the anguish she wished to end by killing herself. Through self-exploration, she found a pathway to conquer the pain.

In From the Shadows, she shares the questions she confronted, unearths her root causes, and presents a map out of the mire. Finally, she unlocks inner wealth by facing phantoms holding long forgotten keys to her past.


Joining in her journey, you may uncover a few treasures of your own.

Woman with Camel Jacket

A deeply intimate, courageous journey of healing. 


Selfie Portrait

Like Virgil leading Dante through the Inferno, Elizabeth Onyeabor gently guides the reader 


Young Woman with Grey Sweater

A gripping and uplifting book. Soul-baring. It is real, and it is powerful.  

Godfrey Okoye University

Escaping the Shadows

A Pilgrimage with Poetry

A stirring and powerful telling of self-acceptance


Gain healing and comfort from past trauma through wordplay and rhythm.

Grieve stolen innocence and embrace tender mercies for motherly imperfections until you’re wrapped in inspirational comfort and healing.

In Elizabeth's follow-up to From the Shadows and second book of the Loving the Child Within trilogy, you’ll immerse in both beautiful and intense imagery mixed with genuine messages of self-compassion and acceptance.

Invite your child within to unchain shame, break free of Guiltyland, and play in peace.

Senior Woman

Bounces easily between life's existential depths and playfulness

Author and Associate Professor,  University of Lund

Mature Man

Writing that is authentic, true, and healing

The Story Architect
Gifts Into Gold

Smiling Blond Woman

You'll love this collection of poems . . . both touching and inspirational

Chief Executive Officer
Breanna Gunn Enterprises

The Light Within

Freedom Through Forgiveness

Experience a sacred space to heal and forgive.

Dive deep into Elizabeth’s mind to experience how she released motherhood guilt.

Gone were the hopeless days detailed in From the Shadows, when she imagined her family would be better off without her. Still, she couldn't shake the belief her greatest fear had come true: she had betrayed her children. She found comfort pouring her heartache into the poetry of Escaping the Shadows, but it wasn’t enough.

She needed to let go of striving to be the perfect mother and blaming her mom for failing her.


Much to her surprise, she ended up calling on her ancestors. Even more surprising, three generations of mothers answered her cries. They counseled with compassion and walked with her wounded child self on a heartwarming search to reclaim innocence.

In the third book of the Loving the Child Within trilogy,  she’s sharing their guidance and wisdom for mothering your child within.

Woman in Grey Sweater

Creates sacred space for anyone on a healing journey, returning the reader to the love and the light within

Smiling Young Woman

Part nurturing safe place and part road map for all who have their own wounds to heal―a must-read for parents 

Spoiled Yogi

Woman with Short Blond Hair

The honest portrayal of her traumatic situations and her triumph will help set us all free!

Award-winning, #1 international Bestselling Author and Book Coach

3 Keys to Feel Good Enough

A 30-Day Guide for a More Joyful You

Do you worry about being enough or doing enough?

Learn the 3 keys to supercharge fulfillment.


Open to new possibilities, create greater peace of mind, and deepen the bond with your true, loving self. 

This e-book guides you through 9 simple steps to feel free and soar.

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Unfettered Hearts

Meet everyday people with extraordinary stories of challenge and heartache that transform into moments of triumph and growth.

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