I coach transformations. For over 25 years, I've  designed strategies to drive organizational effectiveness, increase staff engagement, and develop the leaders of today and tomorrow.

In my early 50s, I became my own transformation client when the pressures for perfection and major depression caught up with me. 

Outwardly, I showed the trappings of success and wore my perfectionism as a badge of honor. Inwardly, it burned a brand of shame. Unless you were a confidante in my innermost circle, you had no idea the inner intense anguish, emptiness, and hopelessness haunting me.

Through my quest to fill the void, I dove deeply into the dark abyss and discovered a little light. That light had been inside me the whole time, but depression had darkened it to indiscernible. Polishing through periodic practice, it began to shine more brightly. In my best-selling memoir, From the Shadows, I share the steps I took to heal and create lasting joy.


I still have high standards but they don't make me feel like an utter failure when I miss the mark. 

As CEEO (Chief Ease of Excellence Officer) of Habitual Happiness Hub, my passion is to help leaders around the world free themselves from the pressures of perfectionism and  enjoy the ease of excellence so they can inspire others, be their best selves, and live their dreams

“The wound is the place where light enters you.”

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