You know, the way it used to be, I'd hide so you don't see

my never-ending faults locked in super-secret vaults.

A fraud is where I stood, pretending in my perfect-hood.

Feigning others were to blame to paint o'er my guilt and shame.

Try to be totally perfect, totally perfect. Try to be.

It's a game I used to play, in a drama triad way. 

I'm  not perfect. Can they tell? While I masked my inner hell.


These are the first couple of stanzas from my song, Perfectly Imperfect about my perfectionist journey. 

Along the way, I went to some deep places and made stunning discoveries. In my books, I share the steps I took to heal from depression I hadn't acknowledged for decades and how I created lasting joy.

After I wrote my first memoir, I began to realize how much of my depression and anxiety was rooted in pursuing perfection. 


When I let go of the need to be perfect, I stopped beating up on myself over mistakes. I moved into the ease of excellence.

Now, I love my whole, imperfect self. Yup. Just as I am.

So, I founded the Habitual Happiness Hub. As the CEEO (Chief Ease of Excellence Officer), my passion is to help perfectionists around the world let go of the pressure for perfection so they can achieve a lasting sense of accomplishment, experience a lifetime of joy, and make powerful progress to live their dreams.

“The wound is the place where light enters you.”