Through these pages, I offer concepts for living a passionate, purposeful, and fulfilling life. Having struggled with undiagnosed depression since my teenage years, I hit the darkest period in my early 50s when suicide often seemed the only solution to salve my pain. I was what you may call a high-functioning depressive. In spite of my outward achievements, unless you were a confidante in my innermost circle, you had no idea the inner intense anguish, emptiness, and hopelessness haunting me.

Through my quest to fill the void, I dove deeply into the dark abyss and discovered a little light. That light had been inside me the whole time, but depression had darkened it to indiscernible. Polishing through periodic practice, it began to shine more brightly. Over time, I was transformed and healed.

“The wound is the place where light enters you.”

From the Shadows


Through the services and resources on my site, I offer you hope and healing from self-loathing to lasting self-love, including:


You are already enough. One day, you will know this, too.


Join me on this journey to ignite and blaze bright your inner light of sparkling self-love.



Our guide walks you step-by-step through 9 proven practices over 30 days to supercharge your path to feeling enough.

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